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When we were kids.

  • When we were little kids, the world was a complicated place, run by adults, with rules and traditions made by adults.


    We couldn’t really tell what was right or wrong, and the systems that supported society made very little sense to us as it was all so complicated. But as we grew older, and became adults ourselves, we realize that, the world doesn’t make sense, not because it is complicated, but because certain foundations for fundamental aspects of society can be based on disturbingly stupid things.


    I’d like to think that I’m not the only one aware of the nonsense that’s happening around me, but the sheer lack of people who gives a damn about events, sometimes unfolding in front of their very eyes, that they really ought to care about makes me think otherwise.


    Especially in regards to some obvious meticulously crafted lie that most just openly believe without question. When the media calls a dog, a duck; the populace quacks in unison, pulling the wool over their eyes themselves.


    Any challenges to the accepted norm are met with ridicule, and accusations of arrogance, usually for simply stating an obvious fact. If anything contests their established traditional beliefs, they just pretend it doesn’t exist. Whatever proof and evidence that there is, is willed into nothingness.


    These people are of those who live by instinct, very few live by their own conscious decisions, so many, in the event of any misfortune, shake their fists into heaven and blame fate. Just as they blame fate for being poor, while thinking that school and work at the same time is unfathomable.


    Existence is more frustrating that it is sad or depressing.